Latest report from Engadget, HP/Palm tablets will soon be released in two different sizes, the smaller tablet, which is rumored taking the code-named “Opal” will have a dimension of 180x144x13mm. The second tablet, which will the larger “Topaz” tablet, predicted to be shipped sometime within this coming March, and will have a dimension of 241x190x13mm.


Additionally, there is a mention about the compatibility of the webOS tablets to Touchstone charger, you could also use the tablets as digital photo frame as well as alarm clock.

Furthermore, HP is going to give cloud storage service to the webOS tablet users, every user will get approximately 25~50GB of free storage online where you could up load your favorite songs, movies or bookmarks to prevent wipe-out due to virus or offliine storage failures.

The likelihood is that Packard Bell is going to equipped the webOS tablets with HP Beats audio technology for audio entertainment. HP is going to held an event on this coming February 9th for official announcement to the media, so hang on for more info about HP/Palm tablets’ technical specifications after the event.

[ Source: Into Mobile ; Engadget ; HP ]