Looking like a gadget straight out of a sci-fi movie, the Touchjet Projector brings touchscreen literally out of the devices’ physical screens.

Officially called the Pond Smart Touch Projector, this relatively puny yet incredibly amazing device allows users the magic that they had long been wanting — the magic of being able to give presentations straight off of a giant touchscreen.

With a touch capability that works practically on any surface, the Touchjet Projector is one promising device that’s surely to entertain not only the people who intend to use it for business, but the people who hope to use it for leisure as well.

Users of the Touchjet Projector can watch all their favorite movies and TV shows, as well as play their favorite games on any surface that they want to use the device with — on up to 80 inches of projection of a touchscreen.

The Touchjet Projector is also undeniably super easy to use, with its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability that brings the convenience of connecting the devices sans the all the hassles of the usual wirings.

TouchJet Projector

Price: $599.99 – Amazon Price ($484.87)

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Apart from the obvious, the Touchjet Projector also gives its users one other special thing.

Users of the TP80WUS Pond Smart Touch Projector may also download the device’s very own app, a feature that’s unlikely for anyone to see in just any regular projector.

But while the Touchjet Projector yields what is supposed to be a touchscreen, users can only have access to this feature through the Airmouse — a device designed to work exactly like a regular stylus that users usually use on notebooks.

The Touchjet Projector can also be used as an improvised whiteboard for classroom settings and business meetings, as well as an interactive table for games and one-on-one presentations, and all other similar meetings.

The Touchjet TP80WUS Pond Smart Touch Projector is normally priced at $599.99 but is currently available for sale at Amazon for only $484.87.

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