Sanrio Summer Festival in Tokyo is marked with cuteness from Toyota that takes Hello Kitty as the main graphics, logo and design for the special edition i-MiEVs.


The Sanrio Summer Festival, which includes a number of activities geared toward both children and adults, is selling limited edition Tohoku region Hello Kitty Products only available at the festival. (They will never ever be seen for sale again – when Japan says “Limited Edition,” it means it.) 20% of the proceeds generated during the festival will be donated to the Tohoku Earthquake disaster relief project. Unfortunately, the Hello Kitty i-MiEV’s are not for sale. Sorry to disappoint you EV/Hello Kitty fans.


The special edition of Toyota Hello Kitty i-MiEVs are available in pale pink and two-toned red and white. The special edition i-MiEVs are both powered using Mitsubishi’s external 100V AC power supply for EVs, with electricity supplied from the showroom floor.


[ Source: Response JP ]