A futuristic idea has been unveiled by Samsung for their mobile communication gadget. The Galaxy Skin is now going crazy by offering ultra-flexible transparent display concept. The idea for allowing user to fold or bend the display at certain angles without affecting or damaging the display, and the amazing 3D holographic images that could pop out above the display for simple, visual communication are simply fascinating!

Let’s roll the video about the futuristic mobile communication gadget from Samsung…

We guess the major obstacles would be the cost of production, as you might have read, thus far, Samsung has commercialized the super AMOLED display technology, but no official statement regarding the estimated release date for this intriguing transparent display technology.


Probably the South Korea’s military will be able to get the first hands-on this transparent display with 3D holographic pop out features, but for civilians, we guess might take another year or two, don’t you agree?

One interesting part is the capability of the transparent display to scan written words or captured voices and doing the translation immediately, that would be awesome for further integration into eye-glasses or sun-glasses, isn’t it?


[ Source: Hardwaresphere ; Coated ; Samsung ]