By all means, this is the smallest printer in the world! PrintBrush is the smallest bluetooth printer, powered by rechargeable batteries, yes, you won’t be bothered by the messy wire and heavy printer anymore. As this device could print out a 600dpi A4 size email using the handheld brushing method.


It is silent, fast and small… What else a portable monochrome printer lack off? You could bring it conveniently with your other portable mobile computing devices.

Preliminary product specifications
# Resolution: 600dpi monochrome
# Print technology: inkjet and RMPTâ„¢ Full
# Max. speed: 250mm/sec
# Volume: Approx. 200cc
# Weight: Approx. 250gm
# Interfaces: USB 2.0, Bluetooth, IRda
# Power supply: rechargable Li-Ion battery

And now PrintBrush is a real product, not a concept! You could use it to print on any flat surface you wish, such as fabric or cloth using its accurate optical sensor capability.

It will be arriving in the market by the latest early 2010.

Price: USD199.-