Explorer Touch Mouse U5K-00001 is the latest wireless mouse released by Microsoft that comes with touch strip design for both vertical and horizontal navigation. The BlueTrack technology brings together the precision of optical and laser tracking technology on virtual surface.


Microsoft U5K-00001 Explorer Touch Mouse allows users to swipe the mouse in any direction. Meanwhile the touch scroll wheel on the middle front is using advanced haptic technology that allows three speeds of scrolling. Slow speed for precise scrolling, medium speed for one or two pages scroll down or hyperfast for speedy scroll through pages of long document.


There are five customization buttons on Microsoft U5K-00001 Explorer Touch Mouse, suitable for quick access to applications, media, or files. You will find a nano wireless receiver that offers up to 18 months of battery life on a single battery, a rechargeable alkaline battery should able to survive years of usage.

Price: USD49.95

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