Have you played the THQ’s uDRaw games recently? THQ is shipping its 1.7 million units of uDraw GameTablets for Nintendo Wii, which mainly targeted for kids at the learning ages. Designed with a Wii Remote accessory, you will also find the uDraw GameTablet comes with uDraw Studio game.

Morover, THQ is pretty satisfied with the device’s sales on Wii accessory market, and is planning to explore PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 market with the uDraw GameTablets. Let’s see more uDraw in action video playing the Dood’s Big Adventure game…

Nevertheless, there is still minor problem on the in resolution and the inflexibility of insertion of Wiimote into the uDraw GameTablet. Anyway, children at their learning age will certainly enjoy drawing and playing with their own tablet, don’t you agree?


Find out more THQ’s uDraw games, right here.

[ Source: Destructroid ; THQ ]