We will never know when those cute penguins will eventually extinct from planet earth, but with current global warming and solar storm that keep sending more and more solar blast to our solar system, someday, hopefully not soon enough, there will be no more chilling and icy north pole penguins habitat that will survive the tremendous weather turmoils.

Probably, next generations of human race, if still exists, will only be able to witness and enjoy the cuteness of penguins through 3D documentary movies, holographic images or artificial animal through DNA cloning.



But before any above conditions happening around us, here is a cute looking cartoon character penguin USB flash drive that might draw you attention. Comes in 48x33x23mm dimension, 18g of weight, the vivid colored penguin USB flash drives is made of durable solid rubber casing that will protect the USB flash drive from shocks and dust.


On top of the removable penguin head, you will be able to attach phone straps for easy of carrying or attach to your keychain, laptop back or other places. If you found this article interesting, you might want to read our Mimoco Einstein Mimobot, Hello Kitty USB Flash Drive, Sanrio’s USB Flash Drive or the cute Android Gods figures.


From that, the USB flash dive is USB 2.0 certified, and supports various mainstream operating systems. Pricing and storage capacities, after the jump…

Pricing and Storage Capacities:

  • 4GB = USD14.99
  • 8GB = USD20.99
  • 16GB = USD30.99

[ Source: USB Geek ]