If you are paranoia about someone is threatening your life, following Uzi Tactical Defender Pen is a useful gadget that will not only protect your life, but also capture the DNA of the attacker. The DNA catcher on the crown of the pen is could deliver a nasty jab to the attacker, causing extreme pain and giving you time to escape while collecting the DNA detail for reporting to police station.

Uzi Tactical Defender Pen constructed from aircraft aluminum, this lifesaving pen could write notes upside down and even underwater, the only thing is that you need to make sure the writing surface is waterproof.

The dimension of this Tactical Defender Pen is 6 x .55-inches, or about 152 x 14mm, it has a handcuff key hidden under the glass breaker crown that is useful for situations where you might find yourself trapped inside a car and you could use the pen’s crown to break the glass window, while the last option is stabbing the sturdy pen when the kidnapper/attacker not paying any attention or when there is life threatening situation.


Uzi Tactical Defender Pen accepts standard Fisher Space as well as Parker’s Pen refills, the pocket clip is removable, the pen itself is built using aircraft aluminum.

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