You will never know when a bandit or criminal will strike in which moment of your life. Not trying to ask you to become a paranoid about bad guys, but it is better to have a precautionary tool in order to prevent unwanted event or bad things occur to yourself.


The Uzi Tactical Pen is built in above context or giving you at least a bit peace of mind when someday, you come across bad guys at a bad time and a bad place. In short, expect the unexpected with more self-confidence!

Uzi Tactical Pen is constructed using aircraft grade aluminum and compatible for standard Parker or Fisher Space’s Pen refills. The wonder of this Uzi Tactical Pen is on its DNA catcher, located on Uzi Tactical Pen’s crown that capable of causing extreme pain on your attackers as well as collecting their DNA and report their DNA to the local police station so that they could be tracked down and be punished according to the law.


The ultra sharp pen’s crown also doubles as a glass breaker or underwater writing tool if you ever get trapped in your vehicle or by any chance need help by writing notes underwater using special ink refill.

Uzi Tactical Pen has a dimension of 6″ x .55″ (152 x 14mm) and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Price: USD19.99 [ buy Uzi Tactical Pen here ]

[ Source: TecheBlog ; ThinkGeek ]