Typing in the dark, in case you don’t want your dormitory keeper shouting at you in the middle of the night, following Vengeance K90 gaming keyboard with adjustable blue LED backlit keys  from Corsair should one good trick that will help you see the alphabet in the dark.

There are 18 dedicated and customizable G-Keys, which basically are macro keys that programmable via on-the-fly or through the dedicated software. The Cherry MX Red key switches offers ulra-fast, responsive and since each individual keys on the K90 are designed with dedicated diodes, you could be ensured for flawless control owing to the anti-ghosting technology, even when you’re pressing multiple keys at once.


Corsair’s Vengeance K90 gaming keyboard allows to record up to six profiles of macros on its on-board flash memory module. You could save up to 54 programmable functions accessible from three separate banks, ideal for grouping macros by function, or access. Macros can be created on-the-fly, customized, and activated with a single keystroke.


Corsair also takes the K90 gaming keyboard further by equipping an aluminum chassis for higher durability. The soft-touch wrist rest will helps users to play with the keyboard for hours without feeling fatigue on both of your palms.

There is also a USB pass-through on the Corsair’s Vegeance K90 gaming keyboard, that will help to connect your mouse or other USB devices in easy manner.

Price: USD129.-

[ Source: Corsair ]