Since VHS video player was largely used in the past, it goes without saying, there will be lots of memories of joyfull moments recorded and stored on VHS videos.

If you still have VHS recordings in your private collections, it is now probably the best time to transfer those videos into DVDs for slimmer private collection space, don’t you agree?

The VHS to DVD Converter is meant for transferring VHS recordings into DVDs to ensure longer collection time, as well as to allow users enjoy their VHS videos at the comfort of their dvd player. Furthermore, the unit allows 1080p upscaling for viewing DVDs, through an HDMI output, maximizing video resolution and audio on an HDMI compatible television using a single cable.


Taking dimension of 4 x 17 x 10.5-inch (HxWxD), and 9.5 pounds in weight, the VHS to DVD converter is compatible with most DVD formats, but not compatible with Blu-ray or PAL formatted media. Alternatively, if you have no planning to get rid of your VHS videos, this device should add into your home entertainment arsenal for playback those videos in VHS tapes.

The unit’s 1080p upscaling using HDMI output helps to maximize video resolution as well as audio on any HDMI enabled television through a single HDMI cable. Meanwhile the front DV input is useful for connecting a camcorder directly to the device for easy content transfer into a DVD.

You will find a coaxial input as well as component and composite inputs along with the VHS to DVD converter upon purchase. The VHS to DVD converter is capable of playing-back MP3, JPEG, WMA media contents and there is a universal remote control for ease of navigation.

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