Vodafone Sure Signal will give a strong mobile phone signal in your home, where ever you live! As long as your home has broadband, it will help you to boost up the signal level throughout your house and was designed to support up to four people usage at the same time.


And talking about wireless broadband, Femtocells – an Access Point Base Station that use cellular base connection has somehow become common phenomena in US right now. Majority users will agree that Femtocells help to solve mobility issue. However, most wireless users, especially those with reliable home internet broadband connection would prefer to stay away from subscribing the service because of the high monthly fees.

Vodafone Sure Signal is a device that will help routing wireless calls over your femtocell broadband connection, providing stronger and better wireless internet connection around your house.

And in order Vodafone this time is offering a one time fee for its loyal customers, the more you spend monthly, the cheaper the Sure Signal device for you. For an instance, users who spend £25 monthly on Vodafone calls will be able to get the device for £120. Those who maintain higher monthly spending will be able to get Sure Signal as low as £50.