VEHRA and VSH are two suborbital spacecrafts being built by Dassault Aviation base on Nasa’s X-38 experimental plane. And the VSH is designed to bring tourists into the edge of space by flying at Mach 3.5 and capable to accomodate  up to 6 civilians passengers, at 25,000 feet in the air.


VEHRA spacecraft, on the other hand, which is a 11-ton satellite launcher vehicle, capable of carrying a 7-ton payload in low orbit.

This new VSH suborbital spacecraft is capable to bring the passengers up to the space and to remain in space a mere three minutes before beginning to glide back down to earth. VSH spacecraft will be able to make landing similar to a commercial aircraft.

VSH is under first stage development phase, if you would like to feel the excitement of being in space for three minutes, you could start your to save for the short space trip ticket starting now.

[ Source: Gizmodo ; Dassault ]