Invented by a Dutch scientist, Pieter Hoff, Waterboxx is a practical solution for those living in a water scarce area, where everyday watering is not possible. The Waterboxx’s top surface is developed as such, it will automatically collect rainwater and deliver it to the reservoir, and the design will automatically collect condensation from the air during night time. This condensation collection is especially useful for desert area, where a significant temperature different between the day and night exits.


The Waterboxx itself shields the ground or water reservoir from evaporative effects caused by the sun and wind, thereby protecting the sapling from wildlife, and maintains a fairly even soil temperature. A small wick in its underside will release about 50ml of water from the reservoir into the soil every day, guaranteeing longer lifespan for the tree’s seed/sapling in long drought area, as well as cooling the soil and the seed during the hot day time temperature.


Groasis-Waterboxx-low-tech-device-that-helps-saplings-grow-into-trees-in-hostile-environementMohammed I from University of Oujda in Morocco has also tested the Waterboxx in Sahara Desert for a period of three years, and found out that the trees planted using Waterboxx system obtain 88 percent of strong growth, while 11 percent were considered has a weak growth. On the other hand, those trees grew with conventional watering system only 10.5 percent has strong growth, 89.5 percent died eventually.

This astounding experiment has put a new hope for converting or reforestation of those land with soil that lack of water.

Waterboxx is simply re-introducing the Treesolution methodology to help mankind tackling the global warming problem, as the more trees being planted and grows, they will unbind more CO2 atoms from air. Base on statistical data, mankind produces 8,4 billion tons of CO2 from fossil fuel each year and one single tree is capable to unbinds an average two tons of CO2 molecules in harmless C and O atoms. Apparently, if we could plant 5 billion extra acres of trees that producing food, our earth could unbind about 10 billion of extra tons of CO2.

You could expect shipment for Groasis Waterboxx by January 2011 for a minimum order of ten units.

Price: EUR199.99 [ Approx. USD272.- ]

[ Source: Gizmag ; Groasis Waterboxx ; University of Oujda ]