Have you read about the commercial version of world’s smallest wireless charger released by LG during the MWC in Barcelona? The LG WCP-300 is a designed to be compatible with LG’s Qi-devices, including LG Nexus 4, Spectrum 2 and Optimus G Pro.

This world’s smallest wireless charger is about 6.9cm in diameter, comes with a conventional microUSB port for feeding juice to devices wirelessly, however, in US market, only the Nexus 4 and Spectrum 2 support for wireless charging.


Not necessarily small, but we expect there should be improved on the dimension to keep holding the world’s smallest title. LG is planning to release this particular WCP-300 wireless charger for South Korea market this week for a price tag of KRW65,000 (about USD60), on which you could expect to see more accessories for the wireless charger available worldwide within the coming months.


Expect to be arriving in US market some point later this year, for USD60, owners of Nexus 4 and Spectrum 2 should be those with prestige to experience the wireless charging.


Hence, WCP-300 is a meaningless device if your smartphone, or other mobile computing devices don’t support such feature.

[ Source: LG News Room ]