Have a wonderful terrace with a good view of the ‘golfy’ backyard? If your terrace/lobby comes shaddy trees, beautiful large grassy yard, you might want to enjoy some TV on your relax moment in the morning or in the afternoon while having some delicious coffee or tea break.

The 46-inch weather-resistant outdoor high definition TV is built with above home owners in mind, offering a 1920×1080 pixel resolution on a 1500 to 1 contrast ration panel that is protected with a scratch resistant, contrast-enhancing window.

Dimension of this 46-inch outdoor HDTV is 23 1/4 x 32 1/4 x 7-inches (HxWxD), weighing 39 lbs. The brightness setting is designed to offer users with indoor-quality viewing for outdoor usage, partially owing to the anti-reflective window as well as the active-matrix TFT screen. Ideal for permanent installation outdoors, this all-weather exterior is designed to help repels rain, dirt, insects as well as harsh outdoor climate up to 122 degree Fahrenheit.


The built-in internal thermostat with heat control system comes with four airflow fan to ensure the 46-inch HDTV stays cool, dry and properly ventilated at about 24 degree Fahrenheit, and the watertight entry system keeps cables dry, while you could connect the television to a satellite dish, DVD/Bluray player as well as analog antenna system.

You will also find 2x 10-watt water-resistant speakers stereo speakers, and a weather-resistant remote control with rechargeable batteries. For ease of mounting to wall, it bundles an articulating wall mount and outdoor dust cover.

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