A Red Dot Award winner in 2009, Webble is an active footrest for those leg shakers! Webble will let you enjoy a smooth gliding of casters below your chair for an active footrest.


Especially useful for preventing gout problem for sticking too long on your chair, nevertheless, webble should not be considered as a replacement for regular morning exercises!

Webble is designed with a spring suspension and mesh membrane to provide maximum comfort and flexibility to your leg. Webble also useful if you have sweaty foot problem and hate wearing those tight office shoes while you are on your desk.

The ergonomic activities or legs movement made possible through the Webble are useful to improves blood circulation on both of your legs, improves flexibility and help to early identify your sitting posture problem.


Besides, you will find that your muscle fatigue and pressure on your legs’ joints is reducing after few weeks of regular usage.
Circular motion reduces pressure in your lower back by causing the discs to shift. Side to side motion causes your hips to rotate and flexes your thighs. Forward and backward motion has a similar effect on your knees and calf muscles.


The Webble also has design features to pamper your feet if you remove your shoes. You can massage your arch along the contoured any-angle edge, and let your feet float on the breathable DuPont Hytrel mesh above the Webble’s inner ring.


Webbel is available in three mesh color options of red, black and silver. Interested? Get one right here!

Price: USD149.95 [ Buy Webble Active Footrest, right here! ]

[ Source: Webble ]