One Remote Control for ALL of Your Devices

While universal remote controls have always been useful, they were never really capable of controlling anything beyond TV and entertainment systems.

A company currently based out of Hong Kong called Maxus Tech seemed to have taken notice of this age-old problem and decided to do something about it — and succeeded.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Welle, the only truly universal remote control you’ll ever need from here on forth.

Welle is a device that’s well capable of controlling not just television and entertainment systems, but virtually any electronic device powered by Bluetooth within its range.

Welle Remote Music Control

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This includes television and entertainment systems, connected appliances in Smart home systems, cell phones, tablets, doors, and all other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets.

Powered by what the company refers to as ‘refined’ Sonar technology — a technology that is being widely used in the fields of drone technology, the automotive industry, as well as the military.

Welle Remote Light control

The Welle is well-capable of instantly turning just about any surface into your very own smart controller, using highly customizable pre-programmed gestures.

This clever technology transmits signal pulses onto the user’s chosen surface, and then collects all the energies reflected back from its ‘targets’.

Using software algorithms and an advanced hardware design, the ‘echoes’ and patterns gathered by the Welle’s Sonar technology system are then translated into instructions that connected electronic gadgets like Internet of Things (IoT) devices can fully understand.

Welle Remote control

Welle also uses ultrasound technology, which enhances the device’s detection range. According to the device’s Kickstarter campaign:

The ultrasound technology that Welle is using enables farther detection range, higher tolerance to light condition and lower power consumption.

Pledges for the device’s Kickstarter campaign have now reached $82,000 out of its original $20,000 goal.

Welle is available for pre-order on its Kickstarter page and prices currently start at $69. The products are expected to be shipped out sometime in October of this year.

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