Frequently forgotten where did you put your keys? Following sleek and clean looking gadget will help you get rid out all unnecessary troubles for good. The Whistle Key Finder keychain offer a funny solution by using whistling sound to activate the beeping sound alert from the keychain in order to allow user easily spot the location of their keys.

The Whistle Key Finder comes with a red LED that lights up while the beeps are going off, so, unless it is hidden deep inside the drawer or inside your basement, you should be able to spot the Whistle Key Finder even in the dark using your whistle.


The dimension of Whistle Key Finder is 5 x 3 cm or about 1.97 x 1.18-inches, has a glossy white surface and runs on the included 1x CR2016 battery, the LED light is useful as a miniature flashlight in case of emergency.

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