The biggest color printed book? An Australian publishing company, Millennium House was showcasing its large atlas during a German book fair. The big book is titled Earth, Platinum edition, a colorful atlas that takes the dimension of 6-by-9 foot, without any detail on how much its weight.


Not surprising, though, Guinness World Records has refused to acknowledge the Australian publisher’s claim for world’s biggest book at the German book fair. This is due to recent news about a book with a dimension of 13.71 by 12.36 feet that has been completed recently in Hungary, weighing 1.2 tons.


However, Millennium House’s official spokes person, Suzanne Gross stated, “When is a book a book? If there is only one copy produced is it a ‘book’? … Anyone can grab two huge planks of wood, hinge them together and paste in some paper and call it a book,” that indirectly criticizing the current title holding book whose only has one copy exists.

Who will you vote for the biggest book nominee? How about one for biggest book and the other for biggest atlas? 😀

[ Source: MSNBC ; Millenium House ; Guinness World Records ]