For Xbox gamers and fans that have long awaited for the next generation of Xbox 360, here is a bit mind boggling concept of Xbox 720, as described by Xbox World magazine to come with a tablet-like touchscreen controller, with ‘a bit’ similarity to Sony’s PS Vita handheld gaming console.

The touch panel is an addition to the motion detecting Kinect sensor that allow users to operate the Xbox 720’s console. An concept at this stage, no official announcement from Microsoft yet regarding this Xbox 720 would be the final one or whether it is being prepared for production any time soon. But according to the magazine, Microsoft is currently testing a tablet-like controller that likely to come with augmented reality, directional sound with an outlook similar to Sony’s PS Vita.

Surprisingly, the testing reported is for a four-player, and it is finger-tracking using the motion sensitive Kinect sensor.


Image Credit: Computer and Video Games

Not much technical details, production or pricing revealed at this particular time,  but back in 2005 to 2007, Microsoft has experienced terrible sales record for other versions of their video game consoles, especially in North America, Europe and Japan. That’s probably one of the reason the concept for next generation of Xbox 360 seems to be quit hard to get finalized in these recent years.

The central of the problem would be how competitive the next generation of Xbox 360 in the market, having to face rivalry from other competitors that will also come out with a handheld gaming console?

Would the result similar to Apple’s iPad that need to strive hard to sue its competitors in global arena or  trying to protect its market share by competing in both quality, quantity and affordability with other global tablet manufacturers?

Who do you think will have greater chance to survive the law of jungle, the market pioneer or the followers?

Price: GBP399.-

[ Source: Computer and Video Games ]