XStreamHD is a satellite-based HD media streamer. The operational idea of this device is simply using Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) and it works a bit similar to those cable TV that needs little ear to be installed on the wall outside your house or apartment.


The competitive edge being able to offer Blu-ray quality movies and ‘Pre-Fetched’ entertainment feature that will auto delivers up to 40 titles of 1080p high definition movies you are most likely to enjoy every night right into the XStreamHD. In this way, you could watch high quality movies without having to download or stream.




The Integrated DLNA technology will let XStreamHD compatible to most HDTVs, Blu-ray players, computers and even game consoles. XStreamHD will also support up to 7.1 channels of DTS-HD Master lossless Audio.


XStreamHD also comes with eSata connection port that support up to 4TB external storage. Besides, you will able to enjoy Free In-network XStreamHD Calling if you upgrade the monthly package to Business-Class Phone.


  • XStreamHD monthly subscription fee: USD10.-
  • Additional fee for each movie : approximately the same with Amazon And iTunes rentals.
  • XStreamHD device: Approx. USD600.- [ no exact figure at this moment ]

[ Source: SlipperyBrick ; Geeky-Gadgets ; Dvice ; XStreamHD ]